Practice Areas

Talon Law is a general practice law firm committed to bringing you excellence in any area in which you require representation.  From meeting your estate planning needs, such as with drafting wills, trusts, and navigating the complex probate process, to handling family law matters such divorce and child support actions, Talon Law has the knowledge and experience to bring you satisfying results.  Talon Law also has a breadth of experience in labor and employment litigation, including civil service and merit commission defense for sworn officers and public servants facing adverse job actions, race and gender discrimination charges, wage collection and disparity claims, and unemployment proceedings.

Civil Service Defense

Are you a peace officer, fire fighter, or public servant being investigated by your employer for alleged misconduct?

Talon Law has your back!

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Employment Actions

Do you feel you have been wrongfully terminated or disciplined by an employer on the basis of race, sex, or religion? Are you being paid too little and not on time?

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Estate Planning

Do you need help assessing your estate planning options?  Do you need help drafting a will or family trust arrangement?  Are you overwhelmed by the probate process?  Do you need help contesting the validity of a will?

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Family Law

Looking to file a divorce?  Do you need assistance recovering child support that is due, or do you believe you are entitled to more child support than you are receiving?

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Tickets and License Suspensions

Talon Law also has experience challenging tickets impacting your Commercial Driver’s License, and to help you navigate the license reinstate process in circumstances where your CDL has been revoked by the Illinois Secretary of State and you are looking to reapply.


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If the other shoe has finally dropped, and you’re out of options, Talon Law is your best choice.

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