Better Call Saul: Seventh Circuit Rejects WiFi Allergy Claim Under the ADA

In the consistently brilliant and hilarious AMC series Better Call Saul, the always upright lawyer brother of the ethically challenged Jimmy McGill suffers from an electromagnetic sensitivity that leaves him mostly housebound.  This is perhaps the first popular portrayal of what is coming to be known as “WiFi Allergy.”  Judge Posner of the Seventh Circuit … Read more…

The First District Breathes New Life Into Actions To Vacate Past Practice-Based Labor Arbitration Awards

A case out of the First District Appellate Court of Illinois (“First District”) this week breathes new life into judicial challenges to labor arbitration awards relying principally on past practice, and savvy employer- and union-side practitioners should take a second look at bringing actions to vacate such awards if the arbitrator’s primary basis for decision … Read more…

Boswell v. City of Chicago: A Boon For Public Employees In Directorship Or Executive Positions Seeking To Recover For Wrongful Discharge

February 3, 2017 A recent case in the First District Appellate Court of Illinois is instructive about the kinds of claims that employees in high-level executive positions in public bodies may bring against municipalities following removal or constructive discharges, and reminds both employers and prospective employees that positions created by municipal ordinance will possibly create … Read more…

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